See your favorite devices, automations, and actions all in one place. Use the account menu to change settings and preferences for your devices, Google Assistant, your Google Account and more. With Google Home, your Google and Matter devices work <--more--> together reliably to help around your home. All Matter devices work with each other and with Google Home, so you don’t have to wonder which devices to buy. And Thread helps extend the overall strength, capability, and reach of your smart home.

Control and manage your favorite compatible devices, all in one place3. When you want, where you want – from any screen, with ease. Create helpful routines4 with Google Home and kick back a little.

Activity and Settings

And easily find and manage devices, services, and members in the Settings tab2. Find all your compatible devices quickly in a simple list view. See if your office light is on or your kitchen speaker is still playing, with just a few taps.

From light bulbs and plugs to thermostats, cameras, and locks, find a Works with Google Home or Matter device from your favorite smart home brands. As with all new things getting used to the app at the same time as learning about setting up a smart home took a little while. For the most part I didn’t have many problems, the ones I did find are as follows.


The Google Home app is now more organized and easier to use across devices. Enjoy updated views, easier navigation, and even more ways to access your smart devices. Customize your smart home so your devices do what you want, when you want, with automations3 in the Google Home app. Automate your home around your schedule to save energy while you’re away, and enjoy your favorite comfort settings when you arrive home. Controlling your smart home is easier – and more enjoyable – than ever.

The Home app is divided into several sections to help you easily find what you need. The developer, Google LLC, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below.

Data Linked to You

Know what’s happening at home with more intelligent alerts across all your Nest devices including cameras, doorbells, speakers, and displays2. With the all-new script editor now in Public Preview, you can easily create and edit powerful automations using a flexible tool. Discover more possibilities with access to nearly 100 starters and actions, advanced logic, and make the most helpful automations imaginable. If you want to look for specific types of activity, you can tap Filter to select what you want to appear. Pick from any combination of events and devices to find what’s most important to you.

Google Home now lets you see live feeds of your Nest cameras and doorbell2, all in one browser view. Join the Public Preview to try new the best fever thermometer app features early. Use your voice remote to search across streaming apps and find what to watch fast. Google TV takes streaming and live TV to the next level, bringing together your favorite entertainment from across your apps and organizing it all, just for you6,7. Automations allows you to manage Routines to automate your home and help with daily tasks.

Restart your speaker or display

Automations organize everyday tasks, from opening the blinds and turning off porch lights to starting coffee and locking your doors2,5. The Favorites section is customizable so you can pin the devices, rooms, automations, and actions that you want quick access to, as well as check the device state. When you arrive home, Google Home can automatically turn on the lights, adjust your thermostat to a comfortable temperature, and turn off your Nest cameras2,4. With Google Home, your Google and Matter devices work together reliably to help around the home. Just look for smart devices with a Works with Google Home or Matter badge.

View live video from your Nest cameras and doorbells, right from the home screen in your Google Home app2. Activity shows your home’s history, which includes events captured by cameras, interactions with Google Assistant, device states, and more. With Matter, many of your favorite Google devices – like Nest Hub Max and Nest Mini – can connect directly to your Matter-enabled devices. Set your thermostat to Eco Temperatures when everyone’s away3.

Meet the Google Home app

Set the temperature1,2 and turn on the lights before returning home from an evening walk. The latest updates to Google Home for Wear OS allow you to change the color of your lights, switch thermostat modes, and control compatible smart locks – right from your wrist1. Use the Activity tab2 to better understand what’s happening in and around your smart home.

Or else they have and they’ve been hidden somewhere only the designers know where. The app shows, for example, that in this house we have zero devices connected to the Network. I can’t prioritise a device to improve the bandwidth that Google WiFi somehow restricts because there are apparently no devices connected. I can’t see why my Internet quality is so poor on this network despite my “lightning quick” 100mbps broadband service because the testing capability has gone somewhere very mysterious. The Google Home app helps give you a customized view of what’s going on in your home3.

Chromecast with Google TV in your smart home.

Pin your favorite compatible devices to your home view and access smart devices – lights, cameras, thermostats, and more – right when you open the app. For such a huge company to produce an app like this that is so vital for controlling your Google Nest network is just astonishing. You can’t find anything within it, settings for various aspects of your network are hidden inside secret books and crannies that defy logic in finding. They’ve migrated everything from the better (though not perfect) Google WiFi app to this one — why? And I don’t think all the controls have been migrated across.

Pin your favorite smart devices so you see them in your home view. Google uses your compatible devices and data to make your home more helpful – and in the ways you prefer. So you can rest easy knowing you’re in control of your personal information, and that you’re backed by world-class security. Create helpful routines with your favorite smart home devices4. Set your porch lights to turn on when you leave the house. The redesigned Google Home app makes your home work for you.

Get a head start each morning.

With Google Home, it’s easy to build and automate your smart home. Choose from thousands of devices to make your home more comfortable, safe, and efficient. Wake up to energizing music as the sun rises and turn on your TV3 with Chromecast6 to play the news. On Friday nights, change your lights’ color and play your favorite podcast3. Lock the front door, arm the security system, and turn on your cameras at the same time each night – automatically3,4. The new Favorites section makes it easier to access the things you care about most.

If you select “more settings” when the Google Assistant” is already open it does not always open the page with the settings on it. If you have this issue make sure you close Google Assistant before selecting “more settings” from Google Home. Occasionally Google Home just closes presumably due to some error and this seems one more to be due to switching from the settings on the Assistant how does thermometer app measure fahrenheit back to the Home app. Finally I would highly recommend the Google Support char web facility which are very good. It will take a while to understand all the verbal and or typed commands but I would recommend making a list of the useful ones. At your set bedtime, Google can dim the lights, lower the volume on your Google Home speakers, and put your Android devices on Do Not Disturb2,4.

What’s New

The Google Home app will walk you through the steps to set up your Google Nest or Home speaker or display. Learn how Google Home and Matter make your smart home more compatible, easier to set up, and more responsive than ever. Get the Google TV mobile app to cast directly to your TV8 with one tap, and use your phone as a remote while you watch. Quickly find the footage that matters to you with quick switching between views, plus fine-level video history scrubbing2.

From Favorites or Devices , touch and hold your device’s tile to control or access all of its settings. Different types of devices have different controls, and some controls may be on the device tile itself. In Devices , you can see all the devices that you’ve added to your home organized by the room that they’re assigned to. To open the controls for a device, touch and hold its device tile. Some device tiles will show the device status or some controls. From smart lights to smart locks, Google Home unites devices and services from Google and your favorite brands to build a personalized smart home to help with your tasks.